k 100 rs 4v


She entered my life in March 2015. When I decided to take Long Distance Riding more seriously I did not like the idea of burying  the XBR Cafe Racer with all kinds of stuff and equipment. Although, from what I need from a motorcycle, she would be perfect for any trip. Okay then, a second bike was to be added to my garage.

In Brno May 2015

Now free to choose from the variety of proven “Bahn Burners” I came across the K100RS.  I immediately liked the typical form-follows-function style of the 80’s and the fairing left a distinct touch of sportiness in contrast to the RT or LT models:

 … Parked next to the [ Honda 1000 ] VF she looks like an aeroplane next to a Christmas tree – Source: Cycle World 1983

Nowadays the K models and the RS specifically have retained only a small community of fans. Most of today’s  riders – and wannabies – use the word “ugly” at some stage of the conversation. These days retro design elements of the 60’s and 70’s are build into brandnew bikes. But with the K100RS you need a certain background to grasp this type of engineering, she is a machine for grown ups. You either get it or you don’t.