Monthly Archives: August 2014
IBA think it was a ride

It took me a while to sort my paperwork. Especially as my hand became increasingly unintelligible during the ride. Filling the forms, sorting the receipts and submitting this to IBA is not quite comparable to a tax declaration. It’s just more fun by far.


The main items from the envelope

The ride had not been simple and straight forward and I had to explain the situation for one of the receipts. So I had my fingers crossed until last week a nice thick envelop arrived. They’ve accepted the ride and awarded me with IBA membership (short reminder: you cannot talk or buy yourself into the IBA, you just have to ride LD). The IBA Germany President Gerhard M. Krüger stated in his very personal welcome letter, that I could use a bit more preparation with my next ride. That’s more than true for both: the bike and me. Btw, reading through rally annals, Gerhard seems to be the master of bonus points per mile, a sure sign of perfect preparation.

I am already planning for another ss1000 which would take me to the east. And a Bun Burner 1500 next year. The XBR is just too happy leaving the county.