SS1000 Westerplatte

Alright, this took me some more time than I thought it would. After I finished my first SS1000 “Runt Vättern” last year I was pretty decided to go ahead with LD riding. And I thought – living in Kiel – heading east for Gdansk in Poland would be a nice idea....Read More »

IBA think it was a ride

It took me a while to sort my paperwork. Especially as my hand became increasingly unintelligible during the ride. Filling the forms, sorting the receipts and submitting this to IBA is not quite comparable to a tax declaration. It’s just more fun by far.

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the hour when the ship comes in

This is on my first attempt doing long distance ride as specified by the IBA. Read this post on my plans for the SaddleSore 1000 “Runt Vättern”.

to ride or not to ride …

I had been watching the weather forecast on friday quite frequently. At...Read More »

SS1000 Runt Vättern

Considering a SaddleSore 1000 this weekend. My planned route is starting in Kiel, passing Copenhagen, Malmö, ride around lake Vättern in Sweden and back home.

I thought it was a good idea to choose the longest day of the year and a ride to the North for...Read More »

sunny sunday between the seas

Eventually we found a slot for our long planned one day ride in SH (Schleswig-Holstein): one of my oldest friends and I. Even better, he showed up with a third biker.

So they parked their Triumphs intimidating close to my … er … compact XBR500 on Sunday morning at the outskirts...Read More »

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