SS1000 Runt Vättern

Considering a SaddleSore 1000 this weekend. My planned route is starting in Kiel, passing Copenhagen, Malmö, ride around lake Vättern in Sweden and back home.

I thought it was a good idea to choose the longest day of the year and a ride to the North for a 24 hours ride. Below is the comment of a Swedish IBA member on that “Midsommar”-adventure:

“Roads leading to the coast or the county “Dalarna”  tends to get heavily congested on Thursday afternoon, Friday morning and Saturday evening.

Not only due to intense traffic, but also because of immence stupidity amongst the caged drivers. The tabloids are already having the WAR-headlines ready to describe the weekend…

Friday noon to saturday noon is really, really quiet out on the roads during this specific weekend. You can complete a ride in splendid isolation, and getting that rare “end of times-feeling” as everyone is busy drinking heavily, frying meat to cancerogenous charcoal, making passes at their neighbours wives or really putting effort into drowning at the closest pond. Drowning, and sadly also driving under the influence is two traditional activities during the Midsummer weekend.”

This does not sound very encouraging – to say the least. Anyways – here is a map of the trip:

Get GPX-file of route

The weather forecast isn’t very favorable with wet and chilly conditions. Riding the SS1000 during midsummers night has a specific appeal, but permanently getting soaked on my tour through Denmark and Sweden wouldn’t actually be the fun any ride should be.

If and when I start (sometime Saturday morning, June 21) yYou can follow the ride at SpotWalla

2 thoughts on “SS1000 Runt Vättern

  1. Well, better leave a comment on your (new?) blog then.
    Are you ridning the XBR? Magic bike to attract enthusiasts!
    I can spot a LM I bikini fairing, and a XS 750 tank.
    Sweet thing! Good luck with the ride! Well be watching Spotwalla.



    1. Hi Hampe,

      Yes that’s true, I started the blog quite recently. Love reading tour reports and thought it’s time to start contributing.

      The XBR had been modified into an oldschool cafe racer before I bought her. Not exactly a LD layout, but we made it. Tour report follows, where I also tell, why the Spotwalla updates stopped working entering Denmark.

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